We’re early investors in our hometown startups

We got our start mobilizing community capital and investing first and early into fellow founders from our home town.

DrugBank is a global provider of structured drug information and patient insight tools that accelerate drug research and improve healthcare delivery.

Poppy Barley is a Canadian luxury brand that's rethinking every step of the fashion industry—from design to factory relationships to retail experience.

Samdesk makes sense of the world's text and sensory data in real-time to support safer, more efficient organizations and societies.

Vertical City is building the largest residential elevator and lobby screen network in Canada.

Varafy is a powerful and easy to use content authoring & assessment platform for STEM Subjects in Higher Ed & K-12. Acquired by Chegg.

TeachMe works with teachers in schools, and parents in homes to create powerful learning tools that combined practice and play in an authentic way.

PFM Scheduling is the only solution provider that brings full automation and compliance to any scheduling environment.

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