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Who you build with is as important as what you're building

Build lasting, trusted relationships with our curated member community. Peers become mentors, mentors become allies, allies become investors, and so on. That’s the power of Flightpath.

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Startup leaders

For founders, entrepreneurs and leaders building emerging and high-growth, tech and digital-first startups. Develop your startup and teams through curated peer groups, coaching sessions, hands-on deep dives and member-only gatherings.

Venture builders

For venture capitalists, fund managers, investment associates and ecosystem builders. Learn and grow with a curated network of experienced member investors, identifying and investing in high growth, high potential startups.

Product developers

For software developers and engineers, technology team leaders and emerging technical minds. Boost your skills and projects with peer mentorship, coaching sessions, domain expertise, knowledge sharing, and member hackathons.

Our community members and investors come from companies like

Build & grow with flightpath

Focused on our core pillars of leadership, fellowship and apprenticeship, our members come together to build and scale companies, while impacting the communities they're based in.

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the flightpath platform

Our members connect through online group chats, weekly sessions and in-person builders camps, braintrust dinners and local meetups

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CORe & venture groups

Our members join curated core and venture leadership groups to build accountability, peer support and collaborative investment

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by founders, for founders

We believe in founder-led startup communities. They’re powered by ever-evolving, micro-communities that form and grow, some incorporated, and many more of the “grassroots, organized-by-friends” kind (our favorite).

As the original founders and builders of Startup Edmonton, we kickstarted DemoCamp, Startup Drinks, Startup Weekend, Launch Party, Hackathons, GameCamp, Founders & Funders, Preflight, Startup Week, Startup Crawl, Students to Startups, and Student DevCon. We’ve had thousands participate in community events and programs we’ve organized.

Building startups are hard. One day it’s incredibly exciting, the next day it's terrifying. And for many founders and leaders, it can be a really lonely journey.

That's why we built Flightpath, powered by a membership-based community of founders, hackers and builders.

We create private spaces to share struggles and wins, whether you’re the founder of a company or leader of a growing team. We curate peer and core groups to build accountability, host small gatherings and dinners, and organize community-building adventures with our members.

Our member community encourages you to build alongside peers you can trust, allies you can learn from, and friends you can celebrate with.

We believe that who you build with is just as important as what you’re building. Welcome to Flightpath.

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